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Why Backing Up your WordPress Website is Mandatory!

40 Days of Blogging - Day 12

You’ve heard it before…and you’ll hear it again. Backing up your website is so important, yet so many people still don’t do it.

If you’ve ever had your computer crash, you know the importance of backing up your hard drive. You either thank your lucky stars that you’ve been backing it up on a regular basis or you kick yourself for neglecting to do so.

Well, the same thing happens with your website. It can get hacked or you can accidentally delete something very important. If you aren’t backing up your website regularly, you are setting yourself up for a very unfortunate experience if the day ever comes that something does happen to your site.

So why risk it?

Did you know that you can back up your website for a mere $5/month? You can also back it up for free, but I don’t really recommend that route.

I personally know two people who didn’t back up their site regularly. One of the sites ended up getting hacked, and they lost everything. The other didn’t know much about his own website and let someone else handle everything. That person went out of business and took down all the sites he was hosting. This person lost everything, too.

I can only speak about WordPress websites since that’s my specialty, but I will say that if the one whose site got hacked was keeping regular backups, we would have been able to restore the site from one of the backups.

For the record, most web hosts offer some sort of backup of your files. BUT, those backups are stored on the same server where your website is located. If something were to happen to your server or to the host’s server, you may not have access to your backups. Furthermore, the backups they are taking are not the full backup you need to be able to restore your site exactly as it was the last time you looked at it (pre-hacking/pre-loss/etc.).

This is why installing a third party backup product on your WordPress website is so crucial. You install it, set up the automatic backups, and set it up so that the backups are sent to an off-site location (i.e. DropBox or some other cloud-based storage). Then, you sleep well knowing that your site is safe and able to be restored should anything ever happen to it.

I strongly recommend to all of my clients that they purchase a backup plugin. Notice that I say “purchase.”

Sure, there are a plethora of free backup plugins available, but you get what you pay for. In this case, since you’re not paying anything, you won’t be getting anything in the way of support. If you do need to restore your site, there won’t be anyone there to help you if you need it and you’ll have to read through their documentation and hope someone responds in the free WordPress forum.

Back it Up or Risk Losing EverythingIf you purchase a backup plugin, you’re paying for a product that comes with support, updates, new features, and more. The support, though, is the most beneficial feature by far! If you are stuck and need help restoring your site, nothing can beat having an expert on hand to help you so that you can get your site back up and running in no time. And that means your business will be back up and running in no time.

Do yourself and your business a big favor and pay the $5/month for the professional version of a top-rated backup plugin. Please!

Here are some fee-based backup plugins that I recommend to all of my clients:

Here are some lists of top plugins and their pros and cons:

Remember, free is NOT always better! In fact, when it comes to your business and your website, free is almost NEVER better!

What IS always better is having a safety net and knowing that if something does go wrong, then you, your website, and your business are going to be OK. Actually, better than OK…because you backed that bad boy up!

Have you had any website nightmares that could have been avoided if you were backing up your site all along? I surely hope not, but if so, tell me about it in the comments below.

Until tomorrow,

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