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Web Design and Development Process

Here’s what will happen from start to finish during the web design and development process:

You’ll contact me with the basics of what you’re looking for. Then, I’ll send you my Website Questionnaire + Wish List to get you thinking about everything you could possibly imagine (and stuff you’ve never imagined!) for your new or refreshed online home. I’ll also send over my Graphic Design Questionnaire if I’ll be designing your logo and other elements of your brand. After I review your questionnaire(s), we’ll set up a 30-minute consultation to make sure we’re a good fit and to go over any additional questions either of us may have.
I’ll send over a proposal, and when all looks good and is signed, you’ll pay the deposit (50%) so I can get started.
You’ll gather and send over your content and images for the site. We’ll make sure your domain and web hosting are all set up. We’ll both Pin websites, graphics, colors and fonts to a joint Pinterest board to give each other a clearer idea of where we’re headed. I’ll also send you login details to my project management program where we can both upload files, share notes and view tasks assigned to each other.
I’ll prepare a mockup of your home page, and we’ll confirm your design preferences for the inside pages. If I’m designing your logo, I’ll get to work on that before the mockup, as your logo will drive the colors, fonts, and overall feel for the design of your site.
After the mockup is approved, I’ll get to work on coding your site (Oooh, how fun! Well, fun for me – yay for geeky time!). I’ll insert, configure and style your content, images, plugins, and more! I’ll test everything out – paying special attention to how your site looks in different web browsers and on a plethora of mobile devices. You’ll review, revise, and approve the site.
We’ll unveil your brand new website! You’ll let the world know on social media and via email about your new online home…and I’ll do the same. After all, promoting my clients’ exciting entrepreneurial adventures is my favorite thing to do and why I got into this whole web and graphic design biz to begin with ~ to help people make their business dreams come true!

{Was that a champagne bottle I just heard pop open?}

I’ll send over your style guide with your colors and fonts, personalized Site Maintenance Instruction Manual, Login Information Sheet and final invoice. Then, we’ll hug (in person or virtually) and say, “until next time!”

{Ohhh, that WAS a champagne bottle! Rock On!}

Are you ready to get started on your entrepreneurial adventure, cubicle escape, widget-making-and-selling dream, or whatever exciting product or service you want to get out into the world?

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