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Turning Passion into Purpose: Interview with Soul Sparks

40 Days of Blogging - Day 28
When I set out on my 40-day blogging challenge, I knew I wanted to interview a couple of my clients and one of my colleagues.

Since one of the primary goals of my business is to promote my clients’ work (it brings me a tremendous amount of joy), I have been looking forward to this day – and this series – for quite some time.

First up in this three-part interview series titled “Turning Passion into Purpose” is my client and friend, Paige Davis of Soul Sparks. Not only is Paige a meditation teacher and successful entrepreneur, she is also extremely inspiring. I am truly honored to know her, work with her, and share her story with you. Read on to see why…

Paige Davis, Soul Sparks

Let’s start by learning a bit about you and your company. Give us the scoop:

I created Soul Sparks as a destination to inspire and empower anyone looking to create a meaningful and accessible approach to living a more mindful life through meditation + mindfulness programs.

As an entrepreneur, recent breast cancer survivor, Huffington Post blogger and certified meditation teacher with the McLean Meditation Institute, I am passionate about inspiring change from a personal place of awareness. Mindfulness, meditation and visualization were key components of my healing journey and continue to play such an instrumental role in my life. This was really the catalyst to spark my “new normal” and starting Soul Sparks.

Soul Sparks programs are created using meditation + mindfulness tools and techniques that can help anyone cultivate a practice that fits their personal lifestyle and sparks transformation from the inside out.

I feel that people tend to shy away from meditation because they either think it’s too hard, not effective or just not for them. Can you share some insight and advice to help people understand it a bit more?

Meditation and mindfulness are really just a set of tools and techniques to help settle the mind and body. Some examples of these tools include breath awareness, body relaxation, mindfulness, mantra, visualization, walking, listening to music, and nature. The effectiveness of the tools will be different for everyone, so my recommendation is to really explore many different techniques and see what resonates with you.

Also, a big misconception that people have around meditation is that it is that moment of being all calm and serene and free from thoughts. While ultimately this will happen, the truth is it is OK to have thoughts. It’s the nature of the brain to have thoughts. Meditation is the practice to become aware that we are having the thoughts, and then gently, without judgement come back to the point of focus, come back to the present moment.

What challenges have you experienced with owning your own company?

That’s a great question. Soul Sparks is actually my third company that I have started. My first business was a Pilates studio and my second business, BlueAvocado, provides thoughtful solutions to help people live a greener, simpler life. In both of those ventures, I had business partners, which brings an immense amount of support and collaboration, but also can bring some heightened emotions and challenges to executing a unified vision. But in all of these businesses including Soul Sparks, I would say scalability and identifying the most effective strategies for growth are the biggest challenges.

What’s your favorite part about owning your own company?

As I mentioned, I have always had business partners, so Soul Sparks is my first solo venture. But I really appreciate the flexibility that comes with being the key decision maker. As a result, I feel like I’m able to experience a level of creativity that I have never really appreciated before.

What’s your favorite part about teaching others about meditation?

Meditation Inspires Change from a Personal Place of AwarenessA lot about teaching meditation is about dispelling some of the common misconceptions that people have surrounding it (i.e. I’m not supposed to have thoughts, I’m too busy, I’m too stressed, I can’t sit cross legged). I love helping to shed some light that these are just myths, and helping people discover an approach that fits their lifestyle.

Once people realize that, it’s really about guiding them and holding the space to let them experience. But it’s really that moment when they come out of a meditation, where regardless of the experience, you can sense the peace and calm, even if for just a moment. That’s a pretty amazing moment.

If someone is starting to meditate, what is the best advice you can give them?

Once you explore some of the tools mentioned above (breath awareness, body relaxation, visualization, etc.) and find something that resonates – stick with it. You will gain the most benefits by practicing every day, so try to choose a designated time of day to practice, even if it is just for 5 minutes. Guided meditations are especially helpful when people are first starting out. I, of course, would love to help people get started and invite them to sign up for my newsletter and receive a free mp3 body awareness guided meditation. Just sign up on my homepage or here.

I’d ask if you have a website, but I already know that answer ☺. Do you feel like having a website has made a difference in your company/business and if so, how?

Absolutely. I knew I was creating a new perspective and voice that I wanted reflected in a brand. And my website really serves as that homebase as I continue to evolve my business and brand. For instance, my website is equal parts educating people about my services as well as building content and ultimately an audience through my blog.

What advice would you give to someone considering building a website themselves or hiring a professional?

I think it is easy for people to get overwhelmed with the idea of building a website, so for anyone that has any hesitation, hiring a professional will provide tremendous advantages. Sure it is an investment, but the time it will save you in frustration, time to research, and effectiveness is beyond measure. And with the right partner, you may even find some joy in the process. This was my experience working with you. I felt like we were a real team and I found such joy in the creative process and that we were really effective in our communications. I’ve worked with enough developers to realize that this is really unique. Your passion + expertise helps to create a really dynamic and supportive environment to help bring out the best possible product.

Do you manage your own website (updates, blog posts, etc.) or do you hire someone to help with this?

I’m in the process of figuring that out. For sure I do my own blog posts, but for the bigger platform updates, I think I get comfort from knowing that an expert can handle them.

Anything else you’d like to add?

I recently spoke at the inaugural WELL Conference geared to educating and empowering wellness in the corporate environment. It was such an empowering experience to be able to share my personal story and the powerful role that mindfulness and meditation have played. You can watch the video below or see it here on my website.
(Note: there is a 2-minute guided body awareness meditation at around timestamp 5:30.)

Thanks so much for sharing your story and experience, Paige!
Please visit the Soul Sparks website at www.soulsparks.com to learn more about Paige’s classes.

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