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The Ultimate Resource List…for Everyone!

Grocery lists, to-do lists, lists of your big goals for the year…how many more lists could one possibly need, let alone manage?

Well, the good thing is that I have a list for you that’s chocked full of fantastic resources…some of which are going to even help you accomplish your other lists.
Enter the Ultimate Resource List!

When I started down this path of web design, graphic design, and the overarching umbrella of entrepreneurship, I started hoarding (in a good way!) valuable online resources. We’re talking websites and blogs that include everything from business tips to design tutorials to social media strategies and SOOOOO much more! Seriously, the amount of information out there is incredible, and at times, it can be quite overwhelming.

So, I added to my to-do list the task of creating one, big, comprehensive list of online resources that people (you!) could refer to often (can we say “bookmarks bar”!!) and one that I could update easily.

My goal in providing this Ultimate Resource List to you is to share the knowledge and resources I have discovered on my journey (hopefully in an easy-to-manage/tackle kind of way).

Fortunately, there are tons and tons of resources online in the areas of design, productivity, inspirational bloggers, life and business coaches, etc. BUT, as I said, it can be VERY overwhelming! So, the good news is that these resources are not just available right here for you, in one place…but they’re also separated into categories to make your life a bit easier.

Please feel free to share the list/link with friends, family, colleagues, fellow entrepreneurs, or whomever you feel might benefit from it. Remember – caring is sharing (and vice versa) and knowledge is power. {And of course, sharing on social media outlets would be awesome and oh-so-appreciated.}

Thanks in advance for checking it out and sharing it. Now go enjoy the list!

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