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Set up your Gravatar so we can See Your Lovely Face

40 Days of Blogging - Day 7

If you’ve ever written, read or even glanced at a blog post, you’ve probably noticed that there is a comments section below the post. Most blog authors require those who make comments to enter their name and email (don’t worry, only the name is posted next to the comment) before the comment is approved and posted. There is usually a field for commenters to enter their website (if they have one and want it to be posted) as well.

Linking your website to your comment is helpful because it may entice a fellow reader or commenter to click on your link and start exploring your site. That, of course, could lead to new business for you. So, it is definitely recommended that you include your URL if you are commenting and want people to visit your site.

Another nice feature many blog authors add to the comments section is a space for a photo of the person making the comment. {I say “blog authors” vs. “bloggers” because I want you to know I’m not just talking about people who “only” blog. I’m talking about anyone who has a website and has a blog on it.}

I don’t know about other Content Management Systems, but in WordPress, this is simply an option you specify in the Settings –> Discussion section of your dashboard. You just check off whether or not you want to “Show Avatars” and then specify what the default image should look like if the commenter does not have an avatar set up.


Always Radiate SunshineObviously, your face is a lot nicer to look at than any of those other default images, so let’s make sure you have yours all set up, shall we?

WordPress has made this very easy on us (as they do with just about everything web-related). Here are the steps to set up your Gravatar (Globally Recognized Avatar):

  • Go to the Gravatar website.
  • Click on the big, blue “Create Your Own Gravatar” button.
  • Either create a new WordPress.com account or sign in with the one you have already set up. (This is NOT the same as your website admin login or WordPress.org login. You may already have a WordPress.com login if you have Akismet set up on your site or if you use VaultPress. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, then just go ahead and create a new login.)
  • Add a new email address and then upload the photo of your choice. If you want to do this with multiple email addresses, go for it. Then, just specify which one you want to make primary (just click on one of the email addresses and the option to make it primary will be visible).
  • That’s it! Now, when you comment on blog posts and type in your email, you’ll see the photo you associated with that email next to your comment (if the author has avatars enabled).

Gravatar Mystery ManIf you have your own website, make sure you have a Gravatar set up so that YOU aren’t the one with the “mystery man” icon next to your own comment replies. That would be kinda sad, don’t ya think?

Until tomorrow,

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4 comments… add one

  • Missie March 16, 2015

    So, I don’t understand why Wordpress makes it so hard to set up your avatar. You would think you would be able to go into your settings and easily do it there. It took me forever to figure out that I needed to use Gravatar!

    • Stefani Harris March 16, 2015

      I hear ya, Missie. I guess they don’t do it within your site because with Gravatar, you can set up multiple email addresses with corresponding photos all in one place (for example, I have a yoga photo for my yoga-related email address and a different photo for this website). Plus, not everyone who comments on posts has a website, so they wouldn’t have a place to associate a photo with an email address if it weren’t for Gravatar. 🙂

  • Gregg Harrison March 17, 2015

    I like the word gravatar!!!!!!!

  • Stefani Harris March 17, 2015

    Gregg, you have such a lovely face…we’d all much rather see IT than that Mystery Man! 🙂 Go set up your GRAVATAR, Mr.! 🙂

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