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Plans for 2015 ~ Mine and Yours!

Looking Ahead

‘Tis the season for planning…and reflecting and analyzing and resolution-making!

I have a confession: I’m addicted to blogs and e-newsletters. I subscribe to a TON of them! I’m addicted to learning, being inspired, and staying in the loop on all things related to my business.

One would think I’d be stoked about this time of year when my inbox gets flooded with emails from fellow entrepreneurs about plans for the upcoming year. But, the feelings of guilt have been overpowering those feelings of inspiration I typically get.

Yep, I said it – it makes me feel guilty! Why? Because the woulda-shoulda-coulda thoughts start circling in my brain, and I’m reminded of how little I’ve done to plan for the upcoming year.

Just writing a blog post to talk about planning for the upcoming year would have decreased the amount of guilt and increased the amount of planning.

Oh, wait? That’s exactly what I’m doing NOW!

While all those blog posts haven’t kicked my butt in gear enough to get all my planning done, one did provide some very easy planning tips even for a non-business-planner (yep, I admit that, too!) like me.

Since dealing with the “money” side of my business is the hardest part for me, this post gave me just the ideas I needed to take those baby steps towards planning. But more importantly, seeing all those emails come rushing in DID give me a good push to do some of that oh-so-necessary reflecting.

It’s pretty much automatic that when you reflect on the past, you can’t help but plan for the future. So, while reflecting on this past year in my business, what comes to mind first is to think about what I’m proud of and not so proud of. I certainly don’t want to repeat the not-so-proud moments and I definitely hope to repeat and improve upon the proud moments.

Things I’m NOT proud of:

  • Still not so great at saying no to projects that don’t excite me or feel like a good fit
  • Still not charging enough for my services
  • Not making my office (a.k.a. my much-needed creative space) exactly how I want it
  • Not being as efficient or organized as I’d like to be

Things I’m proud of:

  • Saying no to SOME projects that don’t excite me or feel like a good fit (yay – SCORE!)
  • STARTING to charge appropriately for my services…but even more exciting – revamping my website and all pricing and services, which will be unveiled January 2015 (woohoo!)
  • Decluttering at least a LITTLE of my tornado-of-an-office (baby steps!)
  • Using a project management program, which definitely helps with efficiency and organization (again, baby steps!)

Plan - Dream - ConquerAs you can see, I have plenty of work to do…but at least I’ve made some baby steps and plan to improve upon those proud moments in 2015.

So, what’s on your list? What do you plan to CONQUER in 2015?
What are you proud of and not so proud of?
What not so proud moments will result in a shift for you in 2015?
What proud moments will become even better when you reflect at the end of 2015?

Until next time,

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8 comments… add one

  • Ali December 16, 2014

    I am feeling so inspired! Cleaning the office and saying no to projects that don’t feel like a fit are on my list too 🙂

  • Rebecca Gruenspan December 18, 2014

    Plan, plan. Right, I need to plan!!! I’m a bit behind, but thanks for the reminder.

    • Stefani Harris December 18, 2014

      Maybe we should think of a different word than “plan.” Shall we call it our “2015 Conquer List”?? :):)

  • Devon December 19, 2014

    I really like the Not Proud/Proud reframe on the year in review!
    My Not Proud from 2014 would be how much of the year I spent really afraid to put myself out there. Far too hermit-like, and definitely not moving me forward.
    My Proud moment is actually when I gave up on ever transforming my spare room into my office, and just accepted that I like working in the dining room. Great light, coffee close-by, and enforced end-of-day when the table needs to be cleared for dinner!

    • Stefani Harris December 27, 2014

      That’s awesome, Devon! Sometimes we have to be ok with giving up on something – especially when it clearly isn’t the most logical choice to begin with! 🙂

  • Janet January 2, 2015

    Girl – you’re singin’ my song lol! We are so much alike – but good thing about our not-so-proud moments is that we learn and grow from them. Excited about what 2015 will bring for us both! 🙂

    • Stefani Harris January 11, 2015

      Amen! And I would have responded to this sooner, but it ended up in spam :(. Here’s to learning and growing!

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