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Let’s Get to Know Each Other…MY ANSWERS!

YAY! You did it!

I really appreciate you taking the time to answer those questions for me. I’m excited to know you even better now!

As I hinted (as my way of oh-so-unsubtly ensuring that you send me your answers), here are MY answers to the questions (just in case you’re interested 😉)…

Name: Stefani Harris

Birthday: March 10, mysterious-year

Favorite Drink: It’s a toss-up between coffee and wine!

Favorite Snack or Dessert: I actually don’t snack much at all. But, I love ice cream and prefer to have some daily!

When I go to the movies, I like to indulge on: M&Ms and popcorn mixed together (but you can only put a few M&Ms in there at a time or else they fall to the bottom and you make a ton of noise trying to find them!)

Am I an animal lover? Is rain wet? Ha! I am a mega animal lover! I have four dogs, and they are my children!

What types of books do I like to read? I love books about inspiring people doing inspiring things. I also like really funny books (i.e. “I Like You Just the Way I Am,” by Jenny Mollen…freaking HILARIOUS!) and self-help/self-improvement books.

What are some of my hobbies? Well, even though I get paid to teach yoga and fitness classes, it’s still my #1 hobby. I’ve been dancing since I could walk, and it will always be a part of me. I also love spending time with my dogs because they bring me endless joy. Similar to teaching my classes, I really love working on the computer building websites…so again, even though it’s my job, it’s so enjoyable that it feels like a hobby.

Anything else I’d like you to know about me? Just that I’m happy you’re here and that we’re working together! Thank you again!!

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