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Keep Your Website Safe, Updated and Active with Ongoing Website Management

Website Management

You’ve just spent countless hours and dollars either personally working on your website or working with a web designer, and now that your site is “done,” you can breathe, relax, and just watch the money (and site traffic) roll in. Right?

No, unfortunately, it’s just not that easy.

Imagine if you move into a house. Do you just live there and do nothing to maintain it? Am I correct in saying that you need to pay bills, make sure you have insurance, keep it clean, maintain the yard, and deal with every other task involved in owning or renting a home? I’ll just go ahead and say a big YES…and that your website is no different!

If you let your website sit idle, you are subjecting yourself, your business, and, of course, your website to hackers, lost sales, less visibility, less credibility, and more!

Who wants that to happen?

Yep – just as I imagined…no one!

But here’s the deal…

Just like you don’t always have the time, energy, know-how, or desire to maintain certain parts of your own home, the same happens with your website. Do you paint your house, fix your dishwasher, or install a new sound system…or do you hire a professional to handle these tasks so you can focus on everything else you need to do? Yes, you can take some time to think about it. I’ll wait…

You need to keep your site updated, backed up, and safe. Yes – those are NEEDS not wants. In order for your site to not fall prey to hackers or issues that could arise from outdated software or clicking on something you shouldn’t have clicked on, it truly is necessary to perform regular updates, backups and security scans.

Home Comparison: You don’t pay your gas bill and the gas company turns your gas off. Or, you get locked out of your house and you don’t have a spare key somewhere.

Well, if you don’t update your website, you may lose access to your site because hackers may have set up shop in there and locked you out. If you don’t back up your site and it gets hacked or something goes wrong when you try to install a new plugin or do who-knows-what, you’ll be kicking yourself when you have no way of bringing back your most recent version of your site before the glitch occurred.

The difference between (and benefits of) the home examples is that you can easily call the gas company, pay them some money, and it’ll be back on in a jiffy. You can also call a locksmith if you get locked out.

If your website gets hacked and you weren’t backing up regularly, you may be screwed…big time. You will minimize your risk for hackers to get in if you have an excellent security system in place and keep your site’s software updated. You will also rest easier at night knowing that your site is backed up and waiting for you in a safe cloud location should you ever need it.

By the way, hacking can happen randomly or if you don’t keep your site updated, which is what hackers are looking for (and can figure out) when they troll the interwebs.

Focus on your StrengthsSo what are you to do when you have no time, energy, desire, and/or skills to handle all of the crucial tasks? Just like you can hire a painter, electrician, or landscaping service, you can hire someone to help you manage your website.

And that’s where I come in!

I offer three monthly packages to help keep your site safe, updated, and backed up. Here’s what that can look like for you…

  • Weekly WordPress, theme, and plugin updates
  • Ongoing malware scanning to keep your site uber-safe
  • Editing, inserting and styling your blog posts
  • Designing and inserting blog graphics
  • Editing, inserting, and styling new/updated content
  • Laying out and publishing your e-newsletter for your dedicated subscribers
  • Managing your blog comments
  • and more!

Packages range from $65-$450/month, and discounts are available when you pay for multiple months in advance. You can check out all the details here and then get in touch with me to get started.

Stefani created my website and I’m in love with it. BUT, the real value has come after it was done. Stefani has saved me sooooo much time and angst knowing that I don’t have to worry about figuring out ANY of my techie stuff…because there is always a lot of techie stuff. Every month, I write a blog post and send out a newsletter. I write the content and guess who makes it look pretty, makes it functionable and gets it done in a quarter of the time than I could ever do it? Stefani Harris, from The Creative Solutions Project. My go-to for EVERYTHING techie. I had NO IDEA just how much I needed someone like Stefani. I truly don’t think my business could function without her. Stefani is super reliable and attentive. I LOVE that about her! The Creative Solutions Project has truly become part of my business team! ~Rebecca Gruenspan, RG Adoption Consulting

This truly will help make your life easier in so many ways. In addition to all of the safety and security benefits, you’ll also enjoy improved search engine optimization by adding new content to your site regularly; improved web traffic due to all that new content; more credibility and value because you’ll be sharing your knowledge through fresh, relevant content; and better engagement from your audience, as they’ll be sharing your content and commenting on your blog posts…all of which can lead to more revenue.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to get your site updated, safe, secure, and backed up.

Contact me here to get started or if you’d like more information.

I look forward to helping you free up your time and take your business to a whole new level!

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