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How to Get More Traffic to your Website…and more Clients!

Get More Traffic to your Website - and more Clients

A few months ago, one of my clients asked me how to get more traffic to her site…which, of course, could result in more clients and thus, more revenue.

My first instinct was to look at what she was and wasn’t doing in the areas of blogging, social media posting, etc. What I found was that she really wasn’t doing much.

I get it – we are ALL very busy. BUT, having a virtual business means taking time to promote it – often! It can be VERY time consuming, but we must find/make the time to do it.

Virtual businesses aren’t as fortunate as most brick-and-mortar businesses (well, usually…I don’t want you to think that I think brick-and-mortar businesses have it easy by any means!).

Virtual businesses don’t get people driving or walking by. We rely on all things digital to promote our products and services. Sure, we also get referrals (thank goodness!), but we have to be digitally ON at all times in case those referrals come to a screeching halt.

Below are some questions I asked her and strategies/solutions I suggested to help increase her traffic so that she could hopefully bring in more clients. I say “hopefully” because there are no guarantees (with anything in life). But the one thing I CAN guarantee is that if you do nothing (or do nothing different), you can’t expect to see results.

If you always do what you did, you will always get what you got. ~Albert Einstein

1. Are you blogging [somewhat] often and SHARING your blog posts?
Here’s my exact response: Some things I might suggest (which, I know – are easier said than done and definitely take time, strategy, etc.) are blogging and sharing your posts on social media from your business accounts. Even if you’re not creating business accounts for Pinterest and Instagram, those are still linked to from your site, but they don’t have any images (Instagram) or Pins (Pinterest) related to your business. If you’re going to link to those social media profiles from your business website, you may want to incorporate some business-related images and pins on those profiles.

I went through some free courses on Instagram and Lady Boss League that gave great pointers on the minimum you should do to ensure a good, professional presence on Instagram and Pinterest. I’m not saying those are the ways to necessarily get business…but when people DO go to them, it gives them a place to get info and then dig deeper by going to your site…but they can’t if your site and a description aren’t there. I actually do visit people’s site when I see their description and link on either of those (and FaceBook) social media sites.

Key takeaway: If you’re going to link to your social media accounts, make sure they are updated and following the most current trends/protocols (i.e. professional headshot, clear description of what you do and the services/products you offer, link to your website and/or opt-in freebie). Blogging will provide fresh content, which will create interest (not just with your [potential] clients, but with Google, too). If/when you DO write a blog post, share it! If you write it and do nothing with it, no one will know it’s there. Post it on social media, and don’t forget to send it out via your e-newsletter. After all, that’s why you’re collecting those email addresses on your site! You ARE doing that, right? If not, read this!

PS: Here’s some additional Pinterest info for your reading pleasure…
Summer Tannhauser, who is quite the Pinterest expert, talks a lot about getting followers and pinning all the time. Honestly, I am not a full believer in all of that (the fact that pinning will bring in business…although it does seem to work for some), but I do believe that a good description and having a link to your site in the description is key! Here are her free tools: http://www.ladybossleague.com/musthavepinteresttools/. And here’s the free course: http://www.ladybossleague.com/pinterestpowersignup.

Check out my updated Pinterest and Instagram profiles!

2. Are all of the social media links on your site correct and linking properly?
Here’s my exact response: I checked your social media icons [on your site] to make sure they were all linking correctly {this client had an unfortunate FaceBook hacking issue occur, hence the inkling to double-check the links}. When I checked, I noticed that your YouTube page didn’t have a cover image. I looked to see if I had created one for you a while back, and I did. It’s attached – don’t forget to go upload it. I also noticed that your Pinterest and Instagram profiles didn’t mention anything about your business (in fact, they didn’t have any description).

Key takeaway: If you’ve made any changes in your social media profiles (such as the URL), make sure the links on your website are updated. If any of your social media profiles are incomplete (as mentioned in question #1), take a few moments to complete them.

3. Do you use an appointment scheduling plugin if you want people to easily make appointments with you? {Note: She wasn’t…and the only way people could book a session with her was to email her via her contact form or call her.}
Here’s my exact response: I just finished a client’s website where we set up a “Schedule” page (for clients to book any type of session she offered) as well as specific session sign-up buttons on the respective pages where the session is described.

PS: What was embedded onto those pages (and via those buttons) was an online scheduling app (Acuity Scheduling) where clients can book AND PAY FOR their sessions without all of that time-consuming back-and-forth.

Key takeaway: Do whatever you can to make your life – and your clients’ lives – EASIER!

And there you have it…my SSS – suggestions, strategies and solutions – for doing the most basic things you can do to get people to your website. If people (a.k.a. potential clients) don’t know you exist or what you do or how to hire you once they arrive on your site, it’s time to fix that.

Onward and upward…go update your profiles, check your links, write a blog post, and share the blog post!

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