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How to Find and Create Meaningful Relationships in Facebook Groups

40 Days of Blogging - Day 31

People often ask me how I find my clients, and one might think my answer would be “advertising” or “networking groups.” But the real answer is referrals, and most of the referrals have come from Facebook groups.

Sure, I’ve gotten a few clients from general word-of-mouth referrals or some other type of online connection (which I talked about in this post). But so much of what and where my business is today is due to the Facebook groups that I have joined and become active in.

And it doesn’t just stop at finding clients through these groups. Facebook groups are also great places to find people in your own industry that you could partner with or – if you’re too busy or don’t feel someone is a great fit for you – you can refer people to those you meet in Facebook groups. I’ve also found people to hire for tasks I need done with my own business.

Another benefit to Facebook groups is education. Many online courses (and likely many live, in-person courses as well) create Facebook groups as a forum to ask questions, get support, and connect students. Sure, it may not be as feature-rich as programs that are meant solely for forum-type support, but for posting questions and information, adding links, tagging people so they know to check out the post, and having at least some searching capabilities, Facebook groups are really quite beneficial.

You can even create documents within the group, which can make finding information even easier. For example, in one of the groups I’m in, we have a document for each industry (i.e. copywriters, web designers, social media specialists, etc.) where members post their website, Facebook page, Twitter profile, and any other link they’d like the others in the group to like or follow. This is especially helpful when we’re looking for someone in a particular field to connect with so that we can hire them for something or refer someone to them.

The Best Relationships Usually Begin UnexpectedlyThe best part about these Facebook groups is that you can be a part of as many as you’d like and you can start as many as you’d like.

Want to create a mastermind of your own with like-minded people in your field? Just start a Facebook group and invite the people you want to join. If you don’t know who might be a good fit for the group, post something on your own Facebook timeline or business page asking who might be interested in learning, sharing ideas, etc.

Want to join a group that focuses on one of your hobbies/interests? Just type in something like “Shih Tzu groups” (you KNOW I’m in a few of those!) or “scrapbooking groups” into the search bar, and you’ll see a ton of groups you can join. First, you’ll have to click the green “Join Group” button and get approved by the Admin. Once you’re in, introduce yourself and have fun!

Facebook Group Tips:

  • Joining too many groups can become overwhelming. You can always change your notifications, but it’s probably more beneficial to use the less is more concept so you can indeed find and create meaningful relationships in the group(s).
  • If you’ve posed a question in the group and haven’t gotten any responses after some time has passed, you can “bump” your question up to the top (simply write the word “bump” as a comment on your post). Keep in mind that only an Admin can pin a post to the top of the group, so if a lot of people are commenting on other posts, then those posts move to the top. Each time someone comments on a post – even if it was posted a long time ago – it moves to the top. Be sure not to abuse the “bump” (don’t bump multiple times in a day and don’t write it in all caps because it makes it seem as if you’re SCREAMING).
  • Keep in mind that the majority of Facebook groups out there are not a result of a paid course or program. Therefore, the activity in the groups is solely voluntary (even by the Admin). In other words, if you take an online course that has an exclusive/closed Facebook group for support and information, keep in mind that the person or people administering the group probably have some other job or job responsibilities and will likely not be able to dedicate 100% of their time to the group. Therefore, just remember to be respectful and know that the Facebook group is not your one-on-one learning forum.

Have you had something really great come out of being a part of a Facebook group? If so, share it in the comments below.

Until tomorrow,

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