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How to Come up with Blog Post Topics

40 Days of Blogging - Day 13

If you look at my blogroll, you’ll see very clearly that I did not do a good job of blogging consistently before this 40-day birthday blogging challenge.

I even went so far as to state – publicly and multiple times – that “I promise (myself and the world) that I will publish posts more consistently.” Hmmm…do you SEE that big gap in posts?

Yes, I know…it’s not just about quantity. It’s about bringing high quality, relevant content to your readers. But I also know that blogging consistently not only helps show your expertise on a subject matter and drive traffic to your site, but it also helps you stay on a schedule and, of course, become a better writer. Practice makes perfect(ish).

Well, it obviously took me challenging myself to a blog-off in order to actually kick my butt in gear and start writing! But, this post isn’t really about schedules or why it’s important to write consistently. It’s all about HOW to even come up with topics so that you have something to write about. That’s pretty darn important, wouldn’t you say?

You might be wondering how I went from rarely blogging to being able to have enough material to write about for 40 days straight. Well, the truth is that despite being so inconsistent with my posts, I was actually keeping a list for quite some time. And I continue to come up with new ideas daily.

Every single time I read or heard about a topic that could possibly make a good blog post, I took note of it. If a client or potential client asked me a question that seemed like something that might come up again in another conversation, I took note of it. Each time I learned something new about web design – mostly from the client’s standpoint (i.e. managing your site, keeping your site safe from hackers, etc.), you guessed it – I took note of it.

Reading other people’s blog posts can actually spark some great ideas, too. You certainly don’t want to copy what others are writing about, but you can use their topics as inspiration. You can expand upon a topic you read about or share a different approach on the topic. Maybe you could even get in touch with a particular blogger whose post inspired you and find a way to partner with him/her. Maybe you write part one of a series and he/she writes part two…or vice versa. Maybe you are guest posters on each others sites. The opportunities and ideas are endless!

And then there’s the oh-so-obvious Google! When you’re stuck and need some inspiration, just Google this: “how to come up with blog post ideas.” If you can’t find some ideas through that search, I’d be very surprised!

Another common method is to do something very, very simple and straight forward.


Wait for it…

Ask people what they want to learn!

Yep, it’s that simple! Post a question on social media or via your email newsletter. Make it open-ended or, for better results, give a few choices and have people vote. Just asking the question will not only give you some clarity, but it will help generate interest in you and what you’ll be writing about.

Do you struggle with coming up with blog topics?
If so, hopefully this post helped…and I’ll do my best to offer more guidance if needed.
Do you have any other tips for those who struggle?
If so, thanks so much for sharing!

Until tomorrow,

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