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How to Add a Pin It Button to your Web Browser {Video Tutorial}

40 Days of Blogging - Day 38

By now, pretty much everyone has at least heard of Pinterest. But, just because you’ve heard of it doesn’t mean you use it or even know how to use it.

When I first learned about Pinterest, I thought, “ugh, I do NOT have time to be learning or using another social media platform!” I also thought it was all about recipes and decorating and didn’t really understand how I could use Pinterest for business purposes.

Well, it most certainly is not just about recipes and decorating! Pinterest can be used for anything and everything that you’d like to bookmark, or pin. It’s a virtual bulletin board where you can keep all of your ideas neatly organized and be able to share them with others.

Beautiful things don't just happenI start a Pinterest board for every one of my web design clients so that I can collect ideas for color schemes, site layouts, images, and more – all in one place. I also invite my clients to join the Pinterest board I create for them so that they can also pin to it and so that we can each comment on the pins. When we comment, the other person is notified of the comment and can comment back or simply take note.

Pinterest boards can be organized alphabetically or by topic. They can be shared with friends, colleagues and clients, and they can even be made private. For example, imagine planning a baby shower with your co-hosts but keeping all the ideas and details a secret from the soon-to-be mom. Sneaky!

For those new to Pinterest, it’s easy to assume it’s just a fun (and addictive) site to see pretty pictures about decor, food, exercise, etc. But, you can pin images or links from any site for any purpose. It’s also not just about finding stuff on Pinterest and then adding those images/links to one of your Pinterest boards (although, of course, you can do that, too). It’s most useful for simply pinning (bookmarking) images and links from any website to your own virtual bulletin board that you’ve created. I’ve even uploaded images directly from my computer and added those images to a board, which comes in handy when an image isn’t [already] on a website.

I realize this can all be a little confusing if you’re new to the whole Pinterest world. So, to get you started, here’s a video I created a while back to show you how to add a Pin It button to your web browser. That’s the first step in the pinning process if you want to quickly and easily pin images and links from any website.

Check out the video below and then let me know in the comments if you have any questions or if I can explain any part of Pinterest in greater detail.

{PS: Since this video was made a while back, it has my old logo and website. I have since changed my branding, and am about to change the intro to my video tutorials thanks to the wonderful Mamat from Little Vids. Stay tuned for more on Little Vids and how having a video intro can help take your branding and your business to a new level of WOW!}

Here’s the link to install the Pin It button that I mentioned in the video.

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