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Graphic Design Process

Here’s what will happen from start to finish during the graphic design process:

You’ll contact me with the basics of what you’re looking for. Then, I’ll send you my Graphic Design Questionnaire so I can learn in more detail about your project. After I review your questionnaire(s), we’ll set up a 30-minute Skype chat to make sure we’re a good fit and to go over any additional questions either of us may have.
I’ll send over a proposal and when all looks good and is signed, you’ll pay the deposit (50%) so I can get started.
We’ll both Pin sites, graphics, colors and fonts to a joint Pinterest board to give each other a clearer idea of where we’re headed.
I’ll get to work designing multiple concepts for you. If I’m designing your logo, I’ll present the concepts in black and white initially, so that you can focus on design and layout before being distracted by amazing colors. After a few revisions, we’ll finalize your design.
I’ll send you a style guide with your colors and fonts as well as all of your graphics in various formats. We’ll both unveil your beautiful new logo to the world, then we’ll hug (in person or virtually) and say, “until next time!”

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