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Important Information to Keep in Mind

The following information applies to all types of services I offer. Please take the time to read through this as it will help make our partnership run smoothly and efficiently. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me here or email me at stefani[at]thecreativesolutionsproject[dot]com.

Advanced/Unique Features:

Every project has different needs, and with the huge array of products out there, I may not be familiar with something you request. I will do everything possible to figure out most challenges, but there may be a time when certain tasks might need to be outsourced. I will always provide a quote prior to outsourcing any work.

Behind-The-Scenes “Homework”:

I know you’re stoked about your cool, new website, logo, newsletter, etc., but there is some homework you’ll have to do to ensure this is a smooth (and fun) process. (1) For products you will purchase directly from vendors, I will give you instructions and provide the links. I will not be able to purchase these items for you nor install them on your website until you have made the purchase. (2) For nearly all projects, you will need to prepare and send me any necessary content (text, images, etc.). (3) The more information you can provide on your Website Questionnaire, Design Brief and/or Project Brief, the better. It may seem like a lot of information to think about and write down, but I promise that it will help both of us work more efficiently and be happier.


It is my goal to understand your vision and ideas and help you clarify them before we get started on the project. By completing the design brief, engaging in a consultation, and collaborating through the creation of vision boards, we should be well on our way to a smooth design process. Of course, I understand that on rare occasions things can change. If things do change drastically (i.e. complete re-designs due to your vision/ideas changing or anything else that may involve many more hours of work), a revised quote will be sent to you for approval and signature in order for work to continue.
When relaying revision requests to me, it can help both of us if you take note of specific elements you do and don’t like, then let me know why you don’t like them and what you might like instead (i.e. a deeper red, a thicker font, etc.). My goal is to give you a product that you are completely satisfied with – so the clearer the revision requests, the better.
For Print Items: Once the design is approved, finalized, and sent to the printer, any additional revisions will result in additional costs (to me and/or to the printer, depending on the nature of the revision and project as well as the stage of the printing process). A revised quote will be sent to you for approval and signature in order for work to continue.


Given the nature of the project(s) I am working on for you, email is the preferred method of communication – not only for convenience, but also to ensure that everything is documented clearly. Obviously, if an in-person meeting, phone conversation, or Skype/Google Hangout chat is needed, we will certainly have one (or more). But, most of our communication should be able to be done via email.


The length of time it takes to complete your project(s) will depend on a number of different factors. The more we can communicate about your needs and wishes as well as be realistic about each other’s workloads/calendars, the easier it will be for us to determine deadlines. Deadlines will be included in the Project Proposal + Agreement, but keep in mind that there can always be extenuating circumstances on either party’s end that could affect those deadlines.


Logos and graphics should not be altered in any way (i.e. colors, shape, etc.) except for increasing or decreasing the size. Please contact me if you need your logo in a different format. Under no circumstances shall any of my work be duplicated, sold, or redistributed. You may alter website coding, but coding should not be used in another manner to re-sell or duplicate.


I will place a link at the bottom all websites I design. You agree not to remove this link at any time while the website is live.

Visibility on The Creative Solutions Project Website:

Details of your project will appear on the Portfolio page of my website. These details may include a project scenario, a screenshot of and link to your website, your logo, etc. I respect your privacy and will not post anything about your project that you wish not to disclose.

Authorization and Privacy:

By purchasing services from me, you are agreeing to let me access your hosting, domain, WordPress, premium theme, email marketing, social media, and other necessary accounts for the sole purpose of installation, design, editing, or other reasons as specified in our agreement.

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