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Create an Online Store in 5 minutes and sell your products and services with ease

40 Days of Blogging - Day 24

So you want to sell something online, eh? Awesome!

Let’s make that happen!

When it comes to selling digital and physical products online, you have a ton of options available at your fingertips. But, with so many options, you can easily find yourself overwhelmed, confused, and down-right frustrated!

The first time I set up an online store for a client, I researched nearly every single WordPress-compatible ecommerce plugin/product on the market. Some were free, some came with a fee. Some had limited features (i.e. sell up to ____ products), some had limited (or non-existent) support.

After finally settling on one, I spent hours customizing it. It had a one-time fee (which was GREAT!) and you could sell as many products as you’d like. But, out of the box, it had zero style, so it required a ton of customization in order for it to look nice and match the the site.

And then, something all-too-common happened. The client decided he really just preferred the look and functionality of the online store he already had (yet I was hired to redesign the site and update the “look” of the store).

Argh! That was a lot of hard work, but at least I learned about ecommerce plugins, and now had some experience with one of them.

What happened at the end of that experience isn’t REALLY the point here. It’s merely the fact that I spent soooo much time customizing the store (and of course, researching). If I didn’t have knowledge of HTML and CSS, I would have been lost for sure. There were other lessons learned, too – like how my client and I needed to communicate better…but I digress.

So when my next victim (uh, I mean, client) wanted an online store on her site, I went back to researching. I was getting so frustrated (again!) with all the “top 10 lists” and other such reviews. And then, finally, I decided on a FREE plugin.


After countless hours of attempting to customize the (free) store and actually get it to WORK, I had to find someone who could help (’cause we all know that there’s no support when a product is free, right?). I couldn’t throw in the towel because I had spent so many hours on this already.

I found one person in India who could help and for a very reasonable fee. But with the time difference and my eagerness to get this project over with, it just didn’t work out with him. Finally, I found a company that specifically worked with this product, and my client and I split the cost of their services ($100).

Major Red Flag Alert: If it’s that hard to find someone to help (which is because the product/company itself doesn’t have its own support), then it’s probably a REALLY good idea to find another product.

After waiting and waiting on their response (which was hopefully going to be that they fixed the problem), we finally heard back. They did fix A problem…but a new problem happened as a result of them fixing the original problem.

Ughhh – can you imagine the frustration??

After a bit more research and asking around in some Facebook groups, I FINALLY found the ecommerce angelEcwid! Hallelujah!

Ecwid is seriously SO easy, user-friendly, and flexible. Plus, the support is fantastic! Just check out the Ecwid 101 page here and you’ll see why this is such an awesome product!

I have now used Ecwid on four of my clients’ websites, and the whole process was actually quite enjoyable.

Side Note: In addition to the extensive library of tutorials and information on the Ecwid website, I found this woman who offers tutorials – and she is VERY FUNNY! Just watch her intro in one of her videos on her site or her YouTube channel, and you’ll see how fun online store set-up can really be (ha – nerd alert!).

I am so happy that I finally found my go-to ecommerce product. It surely does make setting up stores for clients much easier and, of course, more pleasant for all parties involved.I could give up shopping but I'm not a quitter

Are you looking to sell your products online? Let me know if I can help you set up your online store!

Have you had any crazy or amazing experiences with setting up an online store? Tell me about it in the comments below.

Until tomorrow,

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