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Are you ready to get started on your project? Do you have questions about my process, services, availability, etc.? Great! I’d love to hear from you!

Contact Stefani Harris - The Creative Solutions ProjectBUT…before clicking the SEND button, I want to make sure you know about some important pages on my site. Reading over this information will help us both tremendously! And guess what! If you prefer to hear this information vs. read a [long] web page, recorded versions of each page are coming soon and will be available at the click of a button! Woohoo!

These pages tell you all about my fees and my design and development process. They let you know whether or not we will be a great fit and they give you answers to many of the common questions that may already be swirling around in your head.

Ready to dive in?

Note: Due to a full schedule, I am currently not accepting new clients or projects for content and structural tweaks, but please fill out my form below and based on your request, I can give you an ETA on my next schedule opening. I am, however, currently accepting clients for the Golden Maintenance Package.

  • Work With Me (web design and development, graphic design, and ongoing maintenance – the fees, the process, and more!)
  • FAQ (lots of commonly asked questions – yours is likely to be in there, too!)
  • Important Information (the nitty gritty details about payment terms, revisions, communication and more!)
  • Are we a Good Fit (this is uber-important since we’ll be working together on some stuff we’re both pretty passionate about – our businesses!)

Now that you have the scoop, please use the form below to tell me about your project:

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