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Committed vs. Determined

40 Days of Blogging - Day 3

When I started this self-induced blogging challenge (40 blog posts in 40 days, in case you missed it), I knew I was going to have a fairly equal balance of inspirational posts and web design-related posts. I also thought I’d sprinkle them randomly throughout the 40 days. But here it is – day 3 – and I’ve yet to write about something web design-related. Ooops!

So, I have a plan that’ll keep me organized and help you read through the posts if you decide to binge-read similar to a Gilmore Girls or Breaking Bad Netflix binge-watching marathon (oh, don’t act like you haven’t done it!).

I’ll stick with the inspiration-esque posts this first week, then move onto web design-related posts next week. Then, hmmm…we’ll all just have to wait and see (heck, I’d tell ya if I knew)!

Today is all about the difference between being committed and being determined.

At first, I was going to talk about how I was “committed” to doing this blog series and relate that to the level of commitment one has to his/her business. But then, I realized that’s not really the word I wanted to use because it’s not really fair.

You see, if I were to say that the reason someone might not make something happen is because of their lack of commitment, that wouldn’t be true. You can be very committed to something, but factors may get in the way that prevent you from getting it done. So, I chose to use the word “determined” instead, because I think it’s better suited for the message I’m trying to convey.

One of my clients is DEFINITELY committed to her business and her website (it’s a side business for now but hopefully a full-time gig in the near future)…and she’s also committed to her family and her full-time job.

Stay Committed to Your Decisions, but stay Flexible in Your ApproachDoes the fact that she doesn’t always publish blog posts or newsletters as often as she’d like mean that she’s not committed to her business? Absolutely NOT! It simply means that at this time, other things take precedent.

As the definition states, being committed means “feeling dedication and loyalty to a cause, activity, or job;” and being “devoted or faithful.”

So I got to thinking. Am I committed to this whole 40 blog post challenge? Yes – of course! But for this challenge…for something very specific like this…commitment just didn’t seem to cut it. It didn’t seem like enough to give me the kick in the booty that I needed to make sure I did this (and I DO need the kick, because it’s too easy to NOT follow through). Determined felt more like the word I needed to focus on in this situation.

The Path to Success is to take Massive Determined ActionBeing determined means “having made a firm decision and being resolved not to change it.” Being “intent on, insistent on, firm about.” YES…I AM DETERMINED to do this!

Look, both words mean you care, you’re dedicated, and you’re going to do everything in your power to stick to your guns or make something work. But being determined just feels like a stronger word to me. It means action-oriented. Strong-willed. Stubborn. (hmmm, that last one DOES describe me!)

Just like when I took matters into my own hands so I could work for myself, on my own terms, doing what I love, I challenge you to be determined to make YOUR dream(s) come true. I was determined to do whatever it took and learn whatever I needed to learn in order to make this happen! And here I am…and it was the best decision I ever made!

Owning your own business is scary, and you don’t always know when you’ll land your next client (or legal case or sale). But it’s the determination to make it work that…well…makes it work!

Sometimes, just putting in writing (like I did with my blogging challenge) what you’re determined to do can help give you just the push you need (especially if you do it publicly!). So go for it, tell me below what you are determined to do!

(PS – I’m not really into Tony Robbins, but it just so happened that his quotes lured me in. They’re pretty spot on!)

Until tomorrow,

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6 comments… add one

  • Jackie Johnstone March 12, 2015

    It’s funny how certain words just resonate more with us in certain situations, eh? I like both committed and determined 🙂 Also, along the same lines, Tony Robbins’ concept of “massive action”: being committed to taking any and all actions necessary to achieve your goal and not stopping until you do. Happy early birthday and I love this challenge!

    • Stefani Harris March 12, 2015

      Massive action does sound a little strong…but sometimes that’s just what it’s gonna take! 🙂 Thanks for the bday wishes and for being a part of this challenge! 🙂

  • Janet March 12, 2015

    This is a great post Stef. It’s interesting (and cool) how words and how certain quotes can inspire. Your challenge is inspiring too! 🙂

    • Stefani Harris March 12, 2015

      Thank you, Janet! I LOVE inspirational quotes! So glad my challenge is inspiring you! Yay for blogging!

  • Alex March 12, 2015

    I believe that words carry unique vibrations that have the potential to inspire action. You go girl! I admire your determination to post every day for 40 days! And I am so thankful for your commitment to your clients. Speaking from personal experience, your dedication to my online business made all the difference in the world.

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