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Get More Traffic to your Website - and more Clients

A few months ago, one of my clients asked me how to get more traffic to her site...which, of course, could result in more clients and thus, more revenue. My first instinct was to look at what she was and wasn't doing in the areas of blogging, social media posting, etc. What I found was… Read More

To improve is to change

As with any industry - things change. Sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. In an industry as big and diverse as the web design/development industry, change is inevitable and occurs rather frequently. I'm writing this post on May 20, 2016, and here are a few examples of what's changed in my first 5… Read More

My SEO Approach for Clients

When answering this question for a potential client recently -What is your experience with SEO/Marketing/Branding through web development? - it seemed fitting to share my response since I know the question will come up again. So...here's my answer: As I'm sure you know, SEO is an ongoing effort. And, Google doesn't make it easy on… Read More

Planning and Prepping for your New Website - The Creative Solutions Project

Having a plan and being prepared for your upcoming website design or redesign is just as important as grabbing the directions before you head out on a road trip. Without directions, your trip will likely take longer, be more stressful, and probably be a lot less fun. Without being prepared for your new website, you'll… Read More

Go Pro or DIY? A Real Life Story!

When I first started The Creative Solutions Project, I wanted to make sure everything was set up properly so that when tax time and any other important, business-related deadlines came around, I was properly and professionally prepared. Being that I had very little money to spend, I thought the DIY method was clearly the right… Read More

Website Management

You've just spent countless hours and dollars either personally working on your website or working with a web designer, and now that your site is "done," you can breathe, relax, and just watch the money (and site traffic) roll in. Right? Imagine if you move into a house. Do you just live there and do… Read More

There's Plenty of Time Left in 2015

September 1st: ✓ The start of a fresh, new month ✓ The fact that Fall is right around the corner (yay for cooler weather and holidays!) ✓ The time when a lot of people start freaking out because they set big goals for the year and they have yet to reach them...and there are "only"… Read More

The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do

If you know me or have read some of my other blog posts, you probably know that I am a huge fan of the show, Shark Tank. I love the whole concept: very driven, inspiring people who come up with great business ideas and present them to investors (the Sharks) who invest their own money… Read More

Being Transparent = A Big Win for All

I don't know about you, but when I want to find out about a person or company, my fingers hit the keyboard. And I'm not going to lie...I can be quite judgy. If I want to try a new restaurant, I look at their website (or, I look FOR their website). If they don't have… Read More

40 Days of Blogging - Day 40

Well, folks...I did it! I wrote and published 40 blog posts in 40 days! In case you've missed the past 39 posts and have no idea what this is all about or why I have been doing it, I talk about this self-induced challenge in this post. This experience has been truly incredible, to say… Read More

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