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About The Creative Solutions Project

About Stefani Harris - The Creative Solutions Project

The Creative Solutions Project is a one-woman web development and graphic design company providing unique, highly customized WordPress websites; logos and branding that clearly and creatively represent you and your business; and website and email marketing management that keeps you from pulling your hair out.

I’m Stefani Harris, I live in Houston, Texas, and I created this business in 2012 in order to help you complete technical and graphic design projects and tasks that seem impossible to accomplish, either due to lack of time, interest, skills, willingness, or desire. I’m tech-savvy, think-on-my-feet creative, and I love solving challenges. I have a passion for helping others become successful and a strong desire to bring your highest vision to life.

Together, we will create an impressive online presence for you and your business!

Helping people has always been something I truly enjoy doing, and I particularly enjoy creative and techie computer-based projects. I also love being at home in a quiet environment, tapping away on the computer while having my wonderful dogs by my side. To me, that is the ultimate dream job!

Let’s turn your dream into a reality by creating or revamping your online presence!

I’ve envisioned starting a business like this for a very long time, and I couldn’t be happier that this dream has finally come true!

My biggest reward is watching my clients’ dreams come to fruition!

I look forward to working with you and being by your side as your business thrives and shines!

PS – want some additional scoop about me? Click here to read more.

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