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{Exciting} Business Update as of September 30, 2016

I am pleased to announce that I have moved my custom web design/development + graphic design business over to The Essential Website.

In early 2016, Janet Hoover – my fellow web designer/developer and biz BFF – and I created The Essential Website in order to provide semi-custom, professional, mobile-friendly, and budget-friendly websites for small businesses. We LOVE working together and collaborating on design and development projects as well as other marketing and small business adventures. Moving all of our services under one umbrella will make everything easier and smoother for us, and more importantly, for our clients.

The Essential Website will now offer DIY websites and custom websites in addition to the original “Essential Website.” I invite you to view my testimonials and portfolio on this site and then head over to The Essential Website.

I look forward to helping your business shine online! Come see me at The Essential Website today!

Hi, I’m Stefani.

I design & code custom WordPress websites for smart, kind,
ready-to-grow business owners.

I work with my clients to build strong, professional, easy-to-edit websites,
and I guide them along the way through strategizing & empowering them
to be the best they can be!

I have a hunch…

You’re tired of having a website that isn’t reflective of you & your business.
You’re ready to take action, invest in your business & collaborate with a pro!

Sweet! Let’s Work Together!

I’m ready to help you & your business shine online! I’d love to partner with you
to take your website & your business from blah to its absolute best!

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Do you…

get chills when you think of starting your biz or giving your online presence a makeover?

get excited when you meet someone just as pumped about your ideas as you are?

want and need to have a professional, user-friendly website that makes you stand out?

We’re looking for a yes yes yes here, people!

Why stress about your website when you could hire a pro and
spend your valuable time doing what you do best?

That’s what I’m here for!

I help eliminate stress and ditch frustration with all things web-related so you can create and sell your products and services and not have to worry about all that techie and creative stuff!

Yippee – now that’s cause for celebration!
Who am I?
  • escaper of the 9-5
  • mega motivated + uber resourceful action-taker
  • sour lemon to {spiked} lemonade-maker
  • overcomer of plenty ‘o odds
  • Stefani, the person behind the Creative Solutions Project…
    and I’m going to make your web and graphic design experience fun!
Ready to Get Started?
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risk-taking, excitement-inducing journey!
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Web Design + Development
Graphic Design
Maintenance and Tweaks
Are we a Good Fit?
You’re ready to step up,
be excited, and put yourself and your biz out there!
I’m Ready!
You know what you want, you know we’re a great fit…and you’re ready to rock and roll!
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